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ManagePLUS Gold Recent Changes

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Recent Changes / Version Numbers





Updated the sample QuickBooks data files which are installed by the ManagePLUS installer.


Updated the security certificate to Microsoft's new SHA-256 standard.


Fixed a problem which occurred when starting ManagePLUS Gold if it had previously been closed in a minimized state (i.e., minimized to the Windows taskbar). Fixed an annoyance: ManagePLUS Gold provided too many warnings when refreshing transactions if any lists (i.e., the Chart of Accounts) were out of date.


Fixed a numeric precision problem which could cause under- or over-allocation of amounts when based on a large management quantity value. Fixed a Transactions tab sorting problem: when sorted by Class, displayed data could be different from the actual transaction records in the underling database. Minor speed enhancement for sorting and record display in the Transactions tab.


"Bullet-proofed" ManagePLUS Gold against receiving corrupted List data from QuickBooks. Added a minor speed/efficiency enhancement for sending of allocation transactions to QuickBooks.