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FormCalc SST Recent Changes

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Recent Changes / Version Numbers





Re-release of the same features as in but with a program debugging feature turned off, as it should be.


Fixed a bug which prevented processing of Footer field calculations on some QuickBooks forms.


New version 3!

Prior-version license codes will not work with this new version. If your license was purchased within the past year, email us to request a new code, free of charge. If your license is more than a year old you must purchase an upgrade to use this version beyond the 30-day free trial period.

Added Scratchpad columns, wildcard matching for Item-triggered Item names, new spreadsheet functions, multi-instance capability, additional user messages, and more.


Added the ability to select a much larger number of blank QuickBooks form lines to control when FormCalc SST stops processing calculations on the form.


Fixed a bug which had been introduced by the multi-monitor fix on 2017.01.05.


Fixed a problem which occurred when QuickBooks and FormCalc SST were run on different monitors of a multi-monitor setup.