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FormCalc SST Recent Changes

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Recent Changes / Version Numbers





Added new spreadsheet functions SUMTXT, STORT/GETT, STORN/GETN; improved speed of handling Group Item rows in QuickBooks.


New version 4!

Added internal improvements and bug fixes.

Prior-version license codes will not work with this new version. If your license was purchased within the past year, email us to request a new code, free of charge. If your license is more than a year old you must purchase an upgrade to use this new version beyond the 30-day free trial period.


Fixed a problem with FormCalc SST's handling of negative dollar amounts in some QuickBooks columns. (This was an obscure bug, unlikely to affect many users.)


Fixed a problem with FormCalc SST's handling of QuickBooks 2019 invoices containing the "See History" text link, which had prevented taking form Snapshots. Enabled the Action button in situations where it had been (incorrectly) disabled, such as with no SST data file open. Improved operation and visual cues of the button menu which pops up over QuickBooks to let users choose actions. Added minor file handling enhancements.


Fixed a potential bug which might possibly occur (occurrence limited to Windows 8 systems).


Fixed bugs related to formula references and anchor row display in the Item-triggered formula rows 6 - 10.

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