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Special Upgrades & Payments

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Special Upgrades & Payments

The purchase option below lets you send a payment for special software upgrades or services not listed elsewhere on our Web site.

Example:  suppose you've contacted us to ask for a special software upgrade and we've told you the upgrade will cost $35*. To order, you would click the Add to Cart button below, then enter 35 as the quantity on the Shopping Cart page. Also, be sure to describe what you are ordering in the Comment box during order checkout, so we can match up your order with our Customer Service notes about your request.

*plus sales tax, for Missouri residents.

Purchase Options




Special Upgrades & Payments

Dealer coupons do not apply.

$1 ...that's $1 times the quantity you enter on the Shopping Cart page.

Be sure to enter a quantity on the shopping cart page!

Also, be sure to describe what you're ordering in the Comment box at checkout!

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