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Flagship Technologies Affiliate Program

Your road to wealth...

OK, maybe "road to wealth" is a bit ambitious, but we hope our affiliate program will provide the financial rewards you deserve for helping to promote our products. We understand that our success depends on your rewards. Here are program highlights:

You can get started immediately. Quick, simple signup provides you with a URL (Web site address) to use on your Web page(s), in links to our products or our site.

The links can appear anywhere on your site—in blog posts, articles, or ads you create.

The URL uniquely identifies you as the source, when a visitor to your site clicks on a link which takes them to our site.

You earn a commission for every sale which results from sending visitors to our site, even if the sale doesn't happen until weeks later. A cookie on the visitor's computer credits you with the sale if the visitor purchases one of our products up to 90 days after they first clicked the link on your site.

We pay commissions monthly, within the first week of the following month. If you have earned a commission during the month, you will automatically receive a payment.

Some of our affiliates have earned over $70 in a month, just from having a couple links to our products on their Web site.

You can manage your participation entirely online. Log in to your own affiliate dashboard page any time to check on monthly sales, get more / other product URLs, etc.


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