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Using QuickBooks from Anywhere... (FREE)

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Part of the QuickBooks Cookbook Series...

Using QuickBooks from Anywhere:

QuickBooks Online, Remote Access for QuickBooks Desktop, the Cloud, and More

by Mark Wilsdorf

This FREE ebook is about current technologies and opportunities for using QuickBooks—and accessing QuickBooks data—remotely:  over an Internet connection, or using a simple and inexpensive file sharing service, or with any of several self-hosting or remote hosting services, and more.

It describes your remote-access options for both QuickBooks Online and the QuickBooks desktop editions (Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise), operating differences/problems and considerations for the various remote-access technologies, and the costs associated with different combinations of QuickBooks editions/remote-access services/and number of QuickBooks users.

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Quick Details

Series:  Quickbooks Cookbook™
Title: Using QuickBooks from Anywhere:  QuickBooks Online, Remote Access for QuickBooks Desktop, the Cloud, and More
Author:  Mark Wilsdorf
Pages:  56
Available editions:  PDF file (readable on nearly all computers and mobile devices).
Publisher:  Flagship Technologies, Inc. (28 May 2016)
Language:  English

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