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Try Before You Buy:  You can use each of our software products for free for 30 days, before they will require purchase to continue using them.
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The premier calculation add-on for QuickBooks desktop editions! Column calculations, totals and subtotals, advanced formatting, and more on QuickBooks Invoices, Sales Receipts, Estimates, and other the press of a hotkey.

SST stands for Superior Spreadsheet Technology!


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The predecessor of FormCalc SST, FormCalc™ is simple to set up, but calculations are limited to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, plus column totals and subtotals—fully adequate for many calculation needs on Invoices, Sales Receipts, Estimates, and other QuickBooks desktop forms...and it costs a bit less than FormCalc SST.



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ManagePLUS Gold™ is the best cost allocation tool available for QuickBooks desktop editions...period! Use drag-n-drop to set up expense allocations from Accounts to Classes, or between Classes (cost centers and profit centers). Allocate by percentages, or by "cost drivers" such as units of production, square feet of building space, etc. Send allocation transactions to QuickBooks with a single click, and save your allocation plan to re-use in the next accounting period. Great for activity-based costing! Great for accounting compliance in nonprofits!


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Catch Weights™ for QuickBooks is designed for use in meat and seafood wholesaling. At the press of a hotkey it pops up over QuickBooks and allows entering a list of catch weights on any line of a QuickBooks sales form (Invoice, etc.). Then it adds the list of individual catch weights to the Description column and inserts the total weight in the Quantity column.

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